Creating private power stations for businesses with customised renewable energy systems. Upstream empowers people to generate their own heating, cooling and electricity from one source. We design and construct a clean energy solution, maintain operations, then hand you the keys. With nil capital investment required, a seamless transition to sustainability is available today.

  • Design
  • Fund
  • Build
  • Release

Nil Capital Transition

By delivering renewable energy systems with nil capital investment, Upstream makes the transition to energy autonomy accessible to businesses and organisations on scales large and small.

Following design and installation of the renewable energy system, power is purchased from Upstream over a set contract period, at a rate lower than grid energy prices.

Upon completion of the power purchase contract period, ownership of the system is transferred to the client who then produces their own energy at nil cost.

Upstream partners with industry leading technology brands, positioned at the forefront of clean energy R&D to deliver the highest quality system components and system efficacy for effective, durable installations in solar, solar thermal and wind technologies.

Clean, profitable energy.


Innovative clean energy solutions. Tailored for business.