Action Indoor Sports



  • 50kW
  • solar

In this indoor sports centre of Morphett Vale, up and coming cricket stars have long been wary of the umpire’s raised Onkaparinga. But that’s not all that’s on the way up – the south Adelaide region has been hit as hard as any by inflating grid electricity prices, with their kWh rates among the highest in the country.

Upstream managed to future-proof their daytime energy consumption by designing a system to provide 58% of their annual usage. We discounted their grid rate by 36% and locked it in for 10 years. No increases – ever.

Action Indoor Sports had a usage pattern that presented challenges for solar. Their weekly daytime load was minor, yet peaked in the evening during sport times. Upstream countered this with a well-sized system that could retro-fit battery storage at a later date.

Action Indoor Sports will save $5,500 in the first year, growing to $96k over the 10-year term and $633k over the life of the asset.

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