Mitre 10 Renmark



  • 60kW
  • solar

Upstream is committed to providing clean energy to businesses all across Australia. Renmark is a country town perched on the Murray River alongside the NSW-SA border, and Mitre 10 is a steadfast supplier of hardware to tradies and home renovators in their 8,000-strong community.

The site usage was well-matched to the sun, with Mitre 10 operating 7 days a week, 362 days a year. Their hours also aligned perfectly to Renmark’s broad solar arc, with doors opening at 7:30am and the drop saws winding down at 5:30pm.

With the South Australian electricity prices soaring on the back of coal station closures, Upstream was able to deliver zero carbon electricity at 34% lower than the grid. We could also size the system perfectly to minimise export, creating the most economic solution for Mitre 10.

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