Robinson College



  • 60kW
  • solar

A Community Colleges NSW member, Robinson College delivers vocational education and training courses in business, IT, nursing, horticulture and OHS, plus community courses including languages and arts across a 4200m² campus.

The remote Broken Hill location of the college was a major contributing factor toward high ongoing energy costs and subsequently highlighted the need for the college to source a localised energy production solution.

With the college operating primarily during daylight hours and with ample available roof surface, photovoltaic solar was a swift and highly efficient solution to address the high cost consumption profile. Installation of a 60kW photovoltaic solar energy system saw an immediate 25% reduction in daytime energy costs, with post-contract operational savings projected to extend to over $30 000 p.a.

Taking ownership of their private power station will see Robinson College independently produce 111,350kWh of their annual electricity demand.

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