Royal Hotel Cullen Bullen



  • 15kW
  • solar

Cullen Bullen is a small NSW town of 200 people, sustained by local mines and the nearby Mt Piper Power Station. The Royal Hotel has long served the township as the general store and local watering hole, as well as providing short-term accommodation to travellers.

The Royal Hotel operates from a 350m2 site - of which 100m2 of roof space was utilised for solar. The hotel, accommodation and adjacent store are open seven days a week. Similar to other businesses of its kind, the Royal Hotel is consistent in its energy usage with constant refrigeration required. During hotel operation, electricity expenditure increases from mid morning onwards until late evening. The accommodation section however, gives added dimensions to the consumption profile in requiring HVAC services at varying and - in summer - often continuous times of the day. The Royal’s regular operating hours and considerable roof space allowed Upstream to create an efficient solar solution.

With the publican looking to own the system

as soon as possible, we designed a short term project which generated an immediate daytime saving of 18.3% and will see the asset transferred after just six years.

Now operational for almost two years, the Royal Hotel has reduced their carbon emissions by over 35 tonnes.

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