Solar Thermal Technology



Solar Thermal: A Complete Solution

Where solar captures light, solar thermal harnesses the sun’s heat and provides the final piece of the puzzle in energy management: storage.

Storage of clean energy allows for days of ongoing use on an on-demand basis. Solar thermal is the latest in energy engineering technology and allows everyday businesses and residences to go virtually off-grid.

A perfect option for business that may not have as many hours of daylight but still capture the heat of the sun, solar thermal power stations will replace your existing HVAC infrastructure to provide not just electricity but direct heating and cooling, year-round.

Fact: Heating and cooling makeup 34% of household energy costs and up to 70% for commercial property.


  • Conduction heating
  • Absorption chilled air-conditioning
  • 24/7 Electricity supply
  • Stored for days and delivered on-demand
  • The fastest way to get almost completely off the grid

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How Solar Thermal Works