Power Purchase Agreements


How PPA’s work 

PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements) are simply a contract to purchase electricity, at a rate lower than that of standard utility providers. Under a PPA, Upstream Energy installs, owns, operates and maintains the solar energy system on your site. In return, electricity produced by the system is purchased at a fixed price for a nominated length of time (the term of the contract). A connection to the grid is maintained throughout, ensuring a secondary power supply.

Upstream’s PPA:

  • No upfront costs
  • Immediate significant savings
  • Price lock no increases, ever
  • Zero maintenance fees
  • 100% sustainable, zero carbon energy
  • Customisable, you choose the rate you pay
  • Receive $0 solar power system at the end of the term

Basic Grid Electricity:

  • Higher market rates
  • No cost benefit
  • Constant price fluctuations & volatility
  • Power sourced remotely, reliant on grid providers
  • Carbon-heavy, coal based electricity
  • At the mercy of retailer pricing
  • No asset benefit