Beacon Lighting National Solar Project


Upstream is nearing completion of a national solar project spanning +70 stores and saving millions of kilograms of carbon emissions each year.

Upstream Energy - who has a collaborative partnership with Beacon Solar - developed a proposal to deliver clean energy to Beacon Lighting’s portfolio in order to reduce operational costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainability. The project when completed in late 2017 will see Beacon become a retail industry leader by lowering their retail energy carbon footprint by approximately 75% and capitalising on under-utilised roof space in their leased buildings. Beacon’s electricity profile was particularly constant and predictable with seven-day consumption, predominantly during daylight hours.

The national project – one of the largest collective commercial installations in Australia – will see Upstream install up to 4MW, potentially reducing Beacon’s annual energy spend by over 20% per store while cutting expected energy carbon emissions by almost 6 million kilograms each year.

In addition to the custom-designed solar power stations, we also retro-fitted the Beacon stores with LED fixtures, provided HVAC efficiency treatment and sub-metering for complete energy visibility.

Upstream is actively working in the Large Format Retail sector to deliver low-cost clean energy solutions to businesses in tenanted buildings. Further to the production and delivery of clean electricity, Upstream is actively seeking landlords to lease their roof space in similar projects. Proprietors can expect to receive ongoing monthly revenue from nil capital outlay, in addition to an improved, sustainable building with greater tenant bargaining power.

Beacon Lighting is Australia’s leading and largest specialist retailer of lighting, ceiling fans and light globes. As their presence grows to over 95 stores across Australia, Beacon’s mission is to light people’s lives through their advanced lighting and energy efficient solutions.

Beyond their impressive range and Beacon Solar’s trusted delivery of renewable solar energy, Beacon Lighting is continuing their commitment to energy sustainability through their National Solar Project.

Posted on 25th August 2017 / More news