Upstream guest speaker on LFRA Forum’s Energy Panel in Brisbane


Last week Upstream was invited to speak as a guest panellist on energy at the Queensland Large Format Retail Association Forum in Brisbane. The LFRA is the national peak industry association for Australia’s Large Retail sector and is home to major brands including Beacon Lighting, Bunnings, Good Guys, Officeworks and Spotlight.

The LFRA 2017 QLD Forum was held on Thursday 17th August at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel with a record attendance for a Queensland Forum of 173 key delegates. 

A panel was selected including Rebecca Knol, CEO of SACOME, Damian McNair, Partner at PwC and Rod Kington of Grosvenor Engineering.

Upstream was asked to speak on the topic of clean energy options for retailers, as the growing concern of electricity costs warrants front-page bulletins across every broadsheet in the country. We outlined the stark contrast in deliverable solar energy when compared to grid costs, and how this can be applied quickly and at nil capital expense.

Consider a retailer with 100+ sites and a $3-5 million annual spend on energy. When faced with 60-100% price increases, the immediate effect must be accommodated in other operational areas. When spread across the country, the real impact of this can be seen in store closures and significant job losses.

Upstream fielded questions on the application of solar in commercially tenanted properties, the framework that Power Purchase Agreements provide to the marketplace and the outcomes of Beacon Lighting’s national solar project. Upstream designed and funded private power stations for Beacon, along with complete LED lighting retrofits, sub-metering and HVAC efficiency treatment.

Upstream also introduced to the property groups and landlords present that we have an immediate demand for leasing commercial roof space. We consider that property owners hold the key infrastructure in the next phase of decentralised energy generation and storage within Australia, and Upstream is actively seeking such groups.

Upstream looks forward to our continued involvement within the LFRA.

Posted on 25th August 2017 / More news