Thomastown Food & Condiment Producers


This large food producer was seeking a suitable energy cost solution that would have immediate benefits and with minimal outlay. Upstream was happy to provide a nil expense, 20-year Power Purchase Agreement to meet both these criteria. Our bespoke project included zero CPI and no price increases for the duration of the contract – an entirely unique Upstream feature. The site’s dimensions are similar to a warehouse, with a broad, low roof of 2400m2; the solar occupying just a quarter of that. Upstream maximised energy production with panel placement on the roof with the most northerly aspect.

Constant refrigeration gives the factory a steady base load (electricity used 24/7) and regular operational hours adds lighting and general power. With seasonal usage differences not exceeding 20% between August and January, a solar solution was able to easily support the load without excessive export to the grid.

The high energy costs of the factory overcame its southerly Victorian latitudes; the solar production accounting for 19% of total electricity consumption and cutting their expenses by over $5,000 in the first year.

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Posted on 23rd February 2016 / More news