Castle Hill Strata


The Strata Body Corp approached Upstream for a clean energy solution that would immediately reduce their electricity costs. The complex includes 100 apartments spread across four separate buildings, up to ten stories high. There is 1650m2 of available roof space - of which just 340m2 was required for the project. Upstream identified the most economical locations for panels based on aspect, access and existing electricity meters.

The energy usage of the complex is consistent – remarkably so, compared to other industries. The common areas being serviced by daytime solar, electricity consumption revolves largely around internal lighting, area-specific air conditioning, lifts and pool maintenance. The profile varies very little over the course of seven days and has marginal seasonal increases over summer, which makes it ideal for solar.

With Upstream providing the capital funds, the project had no impact on the sinking fund of the Body Corporation. Upstream’s kilowatt hour rate was a full 12% lower than grid costs, instantly saving the complex almost $2000 every year and increasing to almost $20k per annum when we transfer the asset after just six years.

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Posted on 15th January 2016 / More news