Performance Optimisation



Optimising Your Energy Position

Site latitude and location, equipment placement, incline, aspect, exposure to all the elements. We assess everything that impacts the generation of power in order to come up with a solution that is based on intelligent design. This means we create the most efficient and industrious clean energy solutions, which are tailored to each location.

Private power stations: Upstream builds private power stations so it’s in our interest – and yours - to generate as much power as possible from your assets.

Solar trackers: Double-axis frames follow the sun across the sky, generating up to 40% more power.

Micro-inverters: Every panel has its own inverter. Limiting shade losses and allowing each module to operate individually, micro-inverters are a high-end solution for businesses requiring detailed energy analysis or with complex environmental factors.

Every Upstream system is monitored in real-time, with production evaluated daily and feedback available for clients. Incorporating building efficiency, intelligent design and daily reporting, we optimise installations for the maximum efficiency and productivity for each individual client.

How Solar Trackers Work


How Micro Inverters Work